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Download the Windows Companion Apps (Event Editor, Breeze Hub, Controller)

About the Apps

Breeze Booth App

The Breeze Booth App works on iOS, iPadOS and MacOS (currently in Beta for M Series devices only). This is the user facing app where you take photos, share and print images etc

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Windows Companion Apps

The Windows Companion Apps are a single download, but are installed as three seperate apps. These apps handle printing, event setup and remote connections. Whilst these are Windows based, they can be run on a Mac using Parallels or CrossOver.

Event Editor

The Event Editor is where you create and edit your events. It has a full touch screen editor for building interactive user experiences, a print layout editor, plus all the tools you need to set up GIFs, Videos, sharing and more.

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Breeze Hub

Breeze Hub is a utility that acts as a print server. Connect any Windows compatible printer to Breeze Hub to enable printing from your device.

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Controller App

The Controller App allows you to interface third party hardware (such as Payment terminals) to your device. In addition it allows you to remote control your device, and enables connecting external cameras over a network.

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